Friday, March 31, 2017

Slice of Life: March 31 -- Fundraiser Night

Tonight was our school's annual PTO fundraiser.  We had the largest crowd we have had since I have been at the middle school. We honored Kevin Owen, our custodian who passed away, before the game. I was really nervous about this part of the evening. I so wanted to honor Kevin in a way that was fitting and I wanted what was said and done to be appropriate and uplifting. My assistant principal and I took a lot of time preparing what to say. I prayed today that I would be able to contain my emotions as I read what was written. Our teachers held posters the kids had made for Kevin while Karen and I talked about Kevin. Our kids chanted his name at the beginning and everyone gave him a huge round of applause at the end. His daughter came and was able to accept Kevin's crown and sash as he was crowned fundraiser king. I certainly admired her strength and am so glad she was there to see our school's outpouring of love for her dad.

It was a hard day and sad in so many ways, but it ended with the fun of our fundraiser. I think Kevin would have wanted us to smile and enjoy ourselves this evening. He will be missed and I hope that we can continue to honor Kevin's memory through our service and acts of kindness.

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