Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Slice of Life: March 29 -- Brief Reflections on Slicing

This is my fourth year participating in a Slice of Life.  I've learned a lot about writing (and myself) over the course of "slicing."  Each year has been different and presented its own challenges.  Here's what I've learned this year from my participation:

  • It was much easier this year by deciding to focus on writing about small snippets of my day instead of trying to come up with something "profound" to write about.  My posts were much shorter this year and probably weren't as well written as previous years, but focusing on small yet meaningful parts of my day to write about helped me keep up with the challenge of writing.
  • It was helpful to try some new writing formats.  I stole a few ideas from some of my fellow slicers when I needed something to write about.  These were really helpful on the days when I was drawing a blank as I sat at my computer to write.  
  • Lists became my friend.  As evident by this post, lists of favorite things, places, etc. were helpful formats for me.  Once again, when I was stuck, I could turn to this format and could usually think of a topic.
  • While I'm not as proud of my writing this go round as I have been in previous years, I am proud of the fact that I stuck with it this year.  Last year I gave up halfway through March.  I felt overwhelmed with the task of writing about something really meaningful and inspiring.  I was out of ideas after two years of writing and 62 posts.  I knew I had to change my approach this year if I wanted to be successful.  I may not have offered words of wisdom, solved any great problems, or motivated anyone through my writing, but I will have written 31 posts when this month is over, and that's something I wasn't sure I would be able to do this year.

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