Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Slice of Life: March 22 -- A Good Day

Today was a busy but fun day.  I had an appointment to get my hair cut in Springfield today, so I asked my parents, who live in Springfield, if they could watch Wesley for me.  I decided to go up earlier in the day so I could take Wesley to Bass Pro to look at the fish and other animals.  My dad met us there this morning.  Wesley is still a little young to fully understand or see everything Bass Pro has to offer, but he enjoyed looking at the fish and all the "wa" (that's his word for water).  He was pretty fascinated by the big stuffed bears and he quickly noticed the stuffed ducks hanging from the ceiling.

We then went across the street to eat lunch at Chick-fil-A.  Wesley loves Chick-fil-A and so do I.  Not only is their food good, but it's a great, family friendly place to take kids.  Wesley enjoyed his chicken nuggets and apple sauce.

I then took Wesley to my parents' house.  He loves his Meme and PaPa and they were really excited to see Wesley.  He played for quite a while and then it was time for his nap.  I tried to lay him down to sleep, but he cried and refused to go to sleep.  My dad offered to rock him, and it didn't take long for Wesley to fall asleep.  I had to leave around 3:00 to make it to my appointment, but Wesley slept in my dad's lap for over two hours.

I got my hair cut and colored, which is always relaxing and makes me feel better.  After my appointment, I picked up Wesley and then stopped at my favorite Chinese restaurant for take-out on the way home.

It was a good but busy day.  I'm not sure who had more fun today -- my parents and me or Wesley.

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