Saturday, March 4, 2017

Slice of Life: March 4 -- Random Ramblings

I waited a little late to get started on this evening's blog, and I'm feeling a little under the weather, so tonight you get five random things you might not know about me.

1.  I've had seven different vehicles since I started driving.  I've alternated between sports cars and SUVs, but now that I'm a mom, it will be a while before another sports car resides in my garage.

2.  I love shrimp.  My husband gives me a hard time when we go out to eat because nine times out of ten, the dish I order is likely to include some kind of shrimp.

3.  I hate being cold.  I get cold easily, and when I do, it usually takes me a while to warm back up.

4.  I don't like going to the dentist.  I have vague memories of at one point saying I wanted to be a dentist when I grew up.  I honestly have no idea where that came from.  Going to the dentist is one of my least favorite things to do and has been for years.

5.  I once was in a commercial for a funeral home.  Strange, right?  My parents' best friends own a funeral home.  When I was in college, they were creating a commercial and needed some people to participate.  My parents and I were part of the commercial.  If my memory serves me correctly, we were supposed to pretend we were looking at caskets.  A little odd, but true.


  1. I understand the hating being cold! It's the worst and I too, take forever to warm up again!