Thursday, March 9, 2017

Slice of Life: March 9 -- An Early Evening Hail Storm

I picked up my son from daycare today and then drove back to school to kill some time before grabbing dinner and then attending our school's PTO meeting.  It was starting to get a little cloudy when I arrived back at school, but I didn't think much of it.  By the time I got ready to walk to my car thirty minutes later, it was already raining.  I strapped Wesley in his car seat as quickly as I could to try to avoid getting wet standing in the rain.  As I started driving, the rain intensified, making my windshield wipers streak across the glass at breakneck speed.  Within minutes, hail began to mix with the rain, pelting my car as I drove across town.  I drove several blocks, trying to decide what to do, finally making up my mind to find the nearest gas station to seek cover for my vehicle.  About the same time I made that decision, the hail stopped and the rain quickly began to diminish.  Whew.


  1. That was a quick moving storm tonight. I drove home right around it tonight. The storm center kept adding Sever Thunderstorm warnings right behind me it felt like.

  2. I ended up in that storm as well! It just so happened that I needed gas and pulled into Murphy's during most of the hail. Then when I left Walmart, I could hardly see to drive it was raining so hard, but as I drove south, I could see that it was not raining ahead of me, and as I got to I-44 it stopped. : )