Sunday, March 26, 2017

Slice of Life: March 26 -- The End of Spring Break

Spring break has come to an end. I always feel like I spend the last day of break lamenting about everything I didn't get done or didn't enjoy during my weeklong vacation. Then I spend part of my day trying to squeeze in a few more moments of fun while also frantically crossing a few more items off my to do list. Here's what I have to "show" for my spring break:

  • I spent some much needed time with my parents. I really miss them since they moved to Springfield, so I truly appreciate and look forward to the time I get to spend with them. 
  • I spent lots of time with Wesley. We went to Bass Pro, the park, went on walks and golf cart rides, played, and enjoyed ice cream. Being a working mom is tough, so I really enjoyed the uninterrupted time I got to spend with him. 
  • I finally got my house cleaned. Well, mostly cleaned. 
  • I organized my closet. That was a major accomplishment. 
  • I didn't get my school work done. I still have a lot of school work to do and I'm feeling a little guilty that I didn't get more done. 
  • I didn't spend time with my friends like I would have liked. It seems like the week got away from me and I didn't get to see a couple of friends I planned on visiting during the break. 
  • I shopped. I didn't buy a lot of stuff and I still have birthday money to spend, but I did find a few things I needed (and wanted). 
Looking at my list makes me realize that perhaps I accomplished more than I thought. As for my laundry, it's still sitting at the foot of my bed. 

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