Thursday, March 2, 2017

Slice of Life: March 2 -- "What's That?"

That's the vacuum cleaner.

That's the fireplace.

That's the clock.

That's your slide.

That's the fan.

Those are just a few of the answers to the question I am asked repeatedly throughout the day.  Sometimes the same answer is given more than once even though the question hasn't changed.  The vacuum cleaner is likely the most frequent reply given.  Under any other circumstances, I might tire of being asked the same question over and over, especially when my reply hasn't changed.  In this case, however, I love the question and answering it time and again never gets old.

The question, "What's that?" is asked in a tiny yet persistent voice, usually accompanied by the pointing of a slender little finger, by my sixteen month old son, Wesley.

Answering that question, asked multiple times each day, has become one of my favorite parts of my daily routine.  I love the curiosity and inflection in his voice when he asks the question when something new enters his little world.  I also love the orneriness that accompanies the question when I know he already knows the answer but still asks anyway.  I love that he wants to explore and learn new things, while at the same time, being affirmed that the tall, odd looking contraption in the pantry is still that vacuum cleaner.  Most of all, I love him.


  1. Kids are so fun at this age! I am glad to hear you are enjoying your son!

  2. I love when I get to the daycare and he rushes up to ask me, "What's that?" He is indeed very curious and inquisitive, and so precious!

  3. The joys of little boys, I enjoy the repeated answering of questions also!